SchedjIt™ makes it easy to schedule Meetings and Events

  • Automatically Send Invitations, Reminders and Cancellation Notices.
  • Give Participants an Easy and Convenient Way to Select Preferred Dates.
  • Automate the Selection of the Best Date.
  • Assign the responsibilities of the Event.
  • Easily Re-launch the event again in the future.

Create a New Event

It's easy to create your own Event and let SchedjIt™ handle the details. Just click here to try it out.

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Set Your Preferences

You have the ability to tell SchedjIt™ how you would like to be contacted in the future for events. You will have the option of email, text message, Facebook, Slack, Twitter and other social media channels.

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My Events

View a list of the events that you have created. It's easy to clone a previous event and invite the participants. Get the ball rolling in minutes.

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